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Crystal Lee

Vice President / Chief Marketing Officer


Crystal Lee is no stranger to hard work. Her experience stretches from industry to industry including Marketing & Advertising, managing various lounges and dining establishments and maintaining her legal career all while being a mom and of course staying dedicated to her fitness and health. Working out was not originally on her list of things to do as she was once a heavy drinker and smoker.  A few years ago all of that changed and now the smell of smoke makes her stomach turn and drinking is no longer her vice, although she does enjoy a glass of red wine as a treat every now and then.

Upon meeting Candace a few years ago and bonding over being mothers, divorcees and of course fit gals, it was only fitting that they would pursue other opportunities together.  When Candace shared her creation of conFIGURE8ion, that is when Crystal knew this was an opportunity that would not only change their lives, but the lives of millions.

 "This healthy alternative to waist trainers and solar suits gives me the flexibility to move and sweat in those tough areas like my back and waistline, all while having the pocket right on the vest for easy accessibility to my phone. I never have to reach far to change my tunes and interrupt my workout!! This is only a few reasons why I love this product!"

When I work out, I have to have my headset!

Three fitness items I can’t live without: My sauna vest (of course), water and weights.

Inspirational quote/mantra: “What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger".

Type of workout I slay the most:  Love my leg presses and triceps extensions.

Music that gets me pumped:  Old school hip hop, accelerates my heartbeat and gets me through those gruesome last sets.

Smoothie or protein shake: Protein shakes, duh.

When I work out, I do so in the morning because it gives me the energy I need to concentrate and handle the day's tasks effectively.