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At conFIGURE8ion, we are dedicated to help improve the health, well-being and fitness goals of our customers by providing a sauna wear line designed to raise your core temperature to help you sweat and burn more calories to lose weight quickly.


Our most popular item, the conFIGURE8ion Sauna Vest, is designed to activate the abdomen, obliques and back.  It helps increase your blood circulation and energy, maximize fat burn, and detoxify the body by flushing out impurities through sweat.  With neoprene fabric construction and compression, our sauna vest is comfortable, flexible and flattering.  Our vests have been used by professionals such as MMA fighters and NPC bikini competitors for shedding weight before competition.  Whether it is exercise, sports or body building training or just chores and errands, staying active with conFIGURE8ion will get you sweating and configure your body to look and feel your best!


conFIGURE8ion Sauna Wear is well constructed to easily slip on for a comfortable flexible fit. With it's lightweight neoprene construction,  our sauna wear allows you to do any workout move with ease.  They can be worn under or over clothing, making them perfect to work out in year round.


The conFIGURE8ion Sauna Vest:

·        Targets the trouble areas like belly, love handles and back fat
·        Heats up your core to accelerate fat burn
·        Increases perspiration allowing your body to detox and release toxins
·        Equipped with back support
·        Designed with zipper front for easy on and off
·        Has adjustable waist band attached for added compression and instant slimming around waist
·        Includes conveniently placed pocket for necessities such as your mobile phone
·        Created from comfortable, flexible, light weight and durable neoprene
·        Created with a flattering unisex design
·        Can be worn under or over clothing