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Candace Diaz

Founder/ President/ CEO



After Candace gave birth to her daughter in 2009, she did what many new moms did: she went on a quest to regain her pre-baby weight. For Candace, that meant working off 50 pounds. Determined and disciplined, she began her journey and hit the gym hard.

Like most busy, working moms, Candace incorporated many time-saving products to achieve her weight loss goal. One of them, a neoprene waist trimmer belt, was an instant hit. The belt helped her sweat more, shed unwanted inches and get fitter faster. Although she got results, Candace noticed a deficiency with the product; it only covered the waistline. Although it helped slimmed her abdomen, it didn’t target other problem areas on her torso like her back, in addition to her arms and thighs.

Prior to launching conFIGURE8ion in 2016, Candace served as a head designer for a footwear company. While there, she gained insights on the designing and manufacturing process. Taking what she learned, Candace began researching the fitness apparel business, specifically sauna-inspired products. She used her background in sourcing materials and design creation and analyzed every detail of her line.

After undergoing six months of research, prototype development and trial tests, conFIGURE8ion was born and the Sauna Vest was launched.  The first product and the most popular one to date, the Sauna Vest offers a comfortable, stylish and more comprehensive alternative to traditional waist trimmers. With new products on the horizon, Candace has made a pledge to help others let it drip as they work out and slim down.

Candace Confessions

When I work out, I blast my music, tune out, and focus on my sets.

Three fitness items I can’t live without: My sauna vest, weights and protein shakes.

Inspirational quote/mantra: “A fit body is always under construction.”

Type of workout I slay the most:  Squats and using dumbbells while on the treadmill.

Music that gets me pumped: Techno music.

Smoothie or protein shake: Protein shake because I love adding lean muscles.

When I work out, I do so in the morning because it keeps me energized and pumped throughout the day.